Thursday, March 12, 2020

Special Edition: Temporary Remote Teaching

Upcoming Canvas Workshops


Reach out to the experts and colleagues in your department and displine. There are many questions and issues that depend on what you teach.

A wonderful curated playlist of educators creating brief How-to Videos in support of remote teaching: Keep Teaching Playlist

Thinking about how to reproduce some of what you do in a face-to-face classroom to an online setting can be challenging. This table from Jim Julius, Director of Online Learning, MiraCosta College, includes specific ideas: Taking Classroom Activities Online

Temporary Remote Teaching

As we think about how to support students through temporary remote teaching, here are a few considerations:

1. Communication with students. Students are even more worried and stressed than we are, so be sure to let them know how they can reach you and how you will communicate with them. That could be through email, Canvas inbox, or other apps that you may have already set up (ProntoRemind, etc.). If you are meeting students still, this is the number one priority - how can they communicate with you (and you them) not for compliance, but because you care.

2. Canvas. Using Canvas is not mandatory, but all of us already have Canvas shells provided for us for our F2F classes. You can quickly set yours up to at least be able to hold discussions and/or send announcements. Just be sure to publish your course. There are many tutorials below:

How to Log in to your Canvas shell:
  • URL:
  • USERNAME: 10-Digit Employee ID

3. Zoom. Zoom is available to all of us for video conferencing (live or recorded). BE sure to use your SDCCD email to create a Pro account.
4. Youtube. In addition to using Youtube to upload videos you create, you can also create an account and then curate existing videos into a playlist to share with students. 
5. Other technology tools. There are variety of tech tools that can support the interaction, engagement, learning, and assessment in online spaces. Some that have been highlighted on this blog in past posts include:
  • VoiceThread
  • Flipgrid
  • Hypothesis
  • AnswerGarden
  • Padlet
  • Google Suite (Docs, Sites, etc.)
  • Adobe Spark Suite (Posts, Pages, Video)
  • Perusall
Many of you are already using some or all of these. However, it's not the time to overwhelm yourself or students with a bunch of new tools. If you want to try one, fine, but also don't feel obligated to.

Be kind, be flexible, be patient.

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